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Guaranteed Recovery from MAKOP Ransomware
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Most MAKOP recoveries are completed in 24-48 hours
All recoveries are done remotely – no need to bring data to us
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We Recover from all MAKOP Variants

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The Ransomware Recovery Experts


We are able to recover data from all variants of MAKOP ransomware.

All our recoveries are guaranteed, or your money back!


What is Ransomware?


Ransomware is classified as a type of malware that interferes with a computer system by limiting, or completely cutting off, a user’s access to their files until a ransom is paid. The attacker demands a ransom from the victim, promising — not always truthfully — to restore access to the data upon payment. It’s always best NOT to pay the ransom, but instead to engage a professional ransomware data company to restore your files.

Fast Data Recovery specialises in Ransomware Recovery from MAKOP Ransomware. We have an excellent track record of helpiong clients recover from  MAKOP ransomware.

In order to start your ransomware recovery process, please click below to receive a quote. It only takes 3 minutes to complete!

Why Us?


  • Guaranteed Recovery from most types of ransomware including MAKOP Ransomware
  • Technicians are available 24/7 to start your recovery immediately
  • Priority Data Recovery Service (24-48 hours recovery timeframe in 90% of cases)
  • Australian based with 24/7 Worldwide support
  • Free Evaluation or Priority Evaluation for more urgent cases (1-4 hour response) or (4-24 hours for more complex cases)
  • No Obligation Fixed Quotes
  • No Data No Charge
  • All recoveries are done remotely (no need to send us your data!)
  • Ransomware Specialists
  • Advanced Ransomware Prevention and Security Audit to eliminate the risk of ransomware
  • Established company with over 10 years of data recovery experience
  • 1000+s of happy clients
  • All International clients are welcome


Fast Data Recovery is a registered company based in Sydney, Australia. It is part of  the PC Link Professionals Pty Ltd group, which specialises in IT Support, Security and Data Recovery (established in 2008). Due to the exponential growth of demand for ransomware recovery, Fast Data Recovery was established by the PC Link Professionals group in December 2018.

Please visit the Australian Business Register for more information about the establishment of our business:

PC Link Professionals Pty Ltd – https://abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View?abn=20132031826

Fast Data Recovery Pty Ltd – https://abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View?abn=78630597778


We pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide. Customer service is our number one priority and we strive to exceed your expectations. Please read for yourself what other customers are saying about our services:

Google Reviews: https://goo.gl/S7KM9Y
Independent Reviews: https://trustspot.io/store/Fast-Data-Recovery
Clients Written Testimonials: https://fastdatarecovery.com.au/clients-written-testimonials/

What is the Ransomware Recovery Process?


Fast Data Recovery is the largest ransomware recovery company based in Sydney, Australia. We support clients nationally and internationally with a 24/7 ransomware recovery team.

Our company has the resources, knowledge, and experience for complete ransomware data recovery & Decryption, ransomware removal, and further ransomware prevention.

We understand the value of data and work extremely hard to recover your business data as fast as possible.

Most recoveries are completed in 24-48 hours.

We have a 100% success rate on recovering data from MAKOP ransomware attacks and we operate on a no data = no charge policy for peace of mind.

For urgent cases, select the Priority Evaluation option (4-24 hours response time).

The purpose of an evaluation is to determine the complexity of infection and cost associated with the recovery. Every infection is unique and we can only determine the cost of recovery after a proper evaluation.
To obtain an evaluation for your recovery, please follow the steps below.



Step 1: Create a new Case

Click below to create a new case in order to get a quote.

For urgent ransomware recovery please select our PRIORITY EVALUATION option for expedited service ($375 AUD, 4-24 hour response time). (equilevant to $270 USD/ $219 Euro)

Alternatively, select FREE Evaluation for a standard turnaround at no cost (4-10 days).

  • We can assist your business to recover your data from most types of Ransomware including (but not limited to) MAKOP, Dharma, MrDec, Globeimposter, Zeppelin, Revil Ransomware and it’s variants.
  • All our recoveries are guaranteed. No data = No charge
  • We will use all available resources to ensure your data is recovered in a timely manner.
  • The cost of the evaluation will be deducted from your quote.
  • For more details about the process of recovery click here


Step 2: Evaluation

When submitting your evaluation, you will be required to attach a sample of the encrypted files. We will use this to identify the encryption key and the ID needed to recover the rest of your files.

Depending on the evaluation you have selected, we will commence analysing your files to determine the cost associated with recovery.

If you elected for Priority Evaluation, you will receive an invoice from our accounts department. Upon receipt of payment, we will commence the evaluation and a dedicated technician will be assigned to your case.

* Please note that the cost of the evaluation will be deducted from your quote.

* We only provide a quote, if you need a sample file and if it’s possible a fee may apply.  We may not be able to produce a sample file for some variants unless a full recovery is performed.

If you elected for FREE Evaluation, you will receive your quote within 4-10 days.


Step 3: Quote

Upon completion of the evaluation, a quote will be sent to you with the associated cost to recover your data.

* 80% of jobs cost between $750 – $6000 AUD.

* Actual cost can only be determined after we analyse your files.

* More than 90% of jobs are recovered within 24-48 hours. More complex cases may take longer.

* We will start the ransomware recovery process immediately after payment. For a list of our payments options, please click here

* A quote will be provided based on one ID/Extension. You must notify us IMMEDIATELY if you have additional IDs/extensions on your files. Please contact us if you are unsure about this.

* You are protected with our No Data = No Charge policy for the recovery of your data.

* All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).


Step 4: Recovery

Once you accept the quote, an email will be sent to you with a REMOTE ACCESS AND PRE-RECOVERY CHECKLIST to prepare your system for recovery.

Please carefully follow the procedures provided in the checklist to avoid any delays with your recovery.

All recoveries are done directly on your system. No Data will be taken offsite.

We will keep you updated throughout the recovery process and we are contactable 24/7 for your convenience.

How to Contact Us?


Fast Data Recovery supports clients worldwide.

We are available 24/7 for all your enquiries.

You can contact us via email, our online chat, or if you prefer to talk to a ransomware recovery engineer, feel free to call us on one of the numbers below:

1300 500 400 (Australia)
1-888-278-8482 (US/Canada Toll Free)
+44-1273257254 (UK – Brighton Toll Free)
+612 8259 0334 (All other countries)




MAKOP ransomware is an encryption ransomware Trojan that has been active for a few years. The latest variant is released early 2021

It is a malicious program that is classified as ransomware (aka. malware). Cybercriminals encrypt your files, blocking you from accessing them.

They then demand you pay a ransom to access a decryption tool to recover your files. Once the ransom is paid, the cybercriminals rarely send the decryption tool. In most cases, the perpetrator’s email will be blocked or further ransomware demands are made.

MAKOP ransomware creates a text file called “readme-warnring.txt” and displays a ransom note in a pop-up window in some cases.

This ransomware also renames all encrypted files by adding the “.MAKOP” extension (together with the victim’s ID and the email address of the .MAKOP hacker). For example, if a file is named “1.jpg“, then .MAKOP will rename it to “1.jpg.id-1E857D00-1234.[hacker@email.com].MAKOP” and so on.

Each ID will be a unique infection. Please advise us when submitting your quote if you have multiple IDs.

Submit an online case or talk to our ransomware specialist to assist with MAKOP Ransomware recovery

MAKOP Ransomware Extensions

MAKOP Ransomware Extensions

MAKOP Ransomware uses some limited variants such as ZES, ZBW, Fair and MAKOP.

The ransomware note will have [random_numbers]-readme.html” file. MAKOP drops this file in every folder that contains encrypted files.

When submitting a ticket, please upload all the ransomware notes and 1 sample file of each

Fast Data Recovery guarantee full recovery from all types of MAKOP and our work is guaranteed.


Hackers Emails we can recover from

List of Hackers Emails We Can Recover From but not only limited to the list below, so please reach out to us 24/7 by phone, email or webchat and we will be able to assist you




MAKOP Website

MAKOP Ransowmare Website

Different from other types of ransomware, MAKOP uses a TOR browser to communicate with its victims


Customer who paid the ransomware reported an issue where the website becomes unavailable as soon as a payment is made. It’s a  tactic the hackers use to make you pay more

What Solutions do we Offer?

What Solutions do we Offer?

At Fast Data Recovery, we serve the needs of both individuals and businesses who wish to have their data recovered after a ransomware attack. We are equipped with the reoucres, experience and knowlodge to perform complete ransomware data recovery.

We also provide ransomware removal and ransomware prevention measures to protect you from future attacks.

Ransomware Statistics

Ransomware Statistics

  • A new organization will fall victim to ransomware every 14 seconds in 2019, and every 11 seconds by 2021. (Source: Cyber Security Ventures)
  • 1.5 million new phishing sites are created every month. (Source: webroot.com)
  • Ransomware attacks have increased by over 97% in the past two years. (Source: Phishme)
  • A total of 850.97 million ransomware infections were detected by the institute in 2018.
  • In 2019 ransomware from phishing emails increased 109% over 2017. (Source: PhishMe)
  • Ransomware generates over $25 million in revenue for hackers each year. (Source: Business Insider)
  • Fewer than 10% of organizations who pay the ransom received their data back. (Source: TrendMicro)
  • 30% of customers infected by Ransomware had a second attack within 60 days
  • Global cybercrime damages predicted to cost $6 trillion by 2021,(Source: Kaspersky)

Other Ransomware Statistics:

  • 63% of confirmed data breaches involved leveraging weak, stolen or default passwords and usernames
  • 22% of small business breached by ransomware attacks in 2017 were so badly affected, they could not continue operating
  • 30% phishing emails were opened and 12% clicked on infected links or attachments.
    Source: https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy-law/privacy-act/notifiable-data-breaches-scheme

Most ransomware infections occur due to weak security, target attacked or fraudulent emails trap leading victims into opening an attachment.

Should I be concerned about Ransomware?


Knowledge is power! – It is essential to understand the facts behind ransomware to better protect yourself

Ransomware occurs on a system due to weak security of some sort. If you are reading this you are properly a victim!

Here is some information you need to understand and take seriously

How is your system been comprised and infected with ransomware?

  1. Cybercriminals will run a BOT (A bot is a form of an automated scan searching the interned for valurnerable network systems and attempt to comprise its security)
  2. Once your system vulnerability has been identified, Hackers will buy the comprised list through underground websites
  3. The ransomware hackers will use the details to comprise and infect your system with ransomware
  4. Most often the BOT list is sold to multiple hackers

Have you removed the infected system from your network?

  1. This is a common mistake!! – isolating the infected system from your network is 50% of the solution.
  2. Hackers use group policy to distribute ransomware across your network and it remains undetected by most antivirus/malware software.
  3. Ransomware time-bomb, backdoor and keyloogers often implemented on your network to allow hackers to gain access to your network especially if you pay the ransom.

Please be warned, once you have been infected, its emanate that you are very likely to get another attack.

We recommend a full security check on your network to identify the penetration point(s) and make sure adequate security is implemented prior to your data recovery

We offer ransomware prevention and ransomware recovery serivces parallel to ensure your files are recovered on ransomware risk free system without delaying the recovery of your files (our recovery and prevention team work parallel to ensure the prevention and recovery are done simultaneously)

Ask us about our Ransomware Prevention and Security Audit

How to Protect your business from MAKOP Ransomware


In order to protect yourself from the MAKOP variant, or from any other ransomware, it is important that you use good computing habits and security software. First and foremost, you should always have a reliable and tested backup of your data that can be restored in the case of an emergency, such as a ransomware attack.

You should also have security software (please talk to us about our recommendations) as most antivirus do not provide complete protection

Last, but not least, make sure you practice the following good online security habits, which in many cases are the most important steps of all:

  • Backup, Backup, Backup!
  • Do not open attachments if you do not know who sent them.
  • Restrict RDP access
  • Make sure all Windows updates are installed as soon as they come out! Also make sure you update all programs.
  • Update older programs contain security vulnerabilities that are commonly exploited by malware distributors. Therefore it is important to keep them updated.
  • Make sure you have a recommended security software installed.
  • Setup a password lockout
  • Use complex passwords and never reuse the same password at multiple sites. SUBMIT AN ONLINE CASE OR TALK TO OUR RANSOMWARE SPECIALIST TO ASSIST WITH RANSOMWARE PREVENTION



If you are infected with the MAKOP ransomware, you most likely will experience some (or all of) the following:

Pop-up message advising you that your data has been encrypted and demanding that you pay a ransom.
Files won’t open.
Files have been renamed with a new extension added (MAKOP) and a contact hackers email address
Applications won’t open.
Antivirus software is disabled.
Computer system locked down.
Computer system running slowly.

Submit an online case or talk to our ransomware specialist to assist with MAKOP Ransomware recovery

Should You Pay the Ransom?

Should you pay the ransom?

We do not recommend paying hackers. It’s a small chance of getting your files back.

Hackers in some instances may release personal information about your company to the public if you contact them and do not meet their ransom demands. Its strongly recommended not to communicate with them. (using an alternate email does not keep your identity safe as each infection has a unique code to identify you)

Scenarios from customer’s feedback who paid the ransom without engaging a ransomware recovery company to recover without paying the ransom or at least negotiate in case we are unable to recover in a timely manner.
1. The hackers may ask you for extra money after you make the first payment (The trend)
2. The hacker’s email usually gets closed down by the email provider (Once the email is reported to the domain webmaster their email will be shut down. Usually thousands of victims are infected at the same time so the likely-hood of this happening is very high)
3. They send you a sample file, take your money and simply stop responding
4. They may recover all/some of your files

In the event where we are unable to recover from your type of ransomware or able to recover in a timely manner, we can use our resources and experience to obtain the decryption at still offer a No Data No Charge for peace of mind

For a risk-free recovery, Submit an online case or talk to our ransomware specialist to assist with MAKOP Ransomware recovery

How Do You Deal with an Infected System?

How Do You Deal with an Infected System?

Once you realize your system has been infected by MAKOP Ransomware, remove your infected system from the network (do not shut down as you can cause further damage). Do not make any attempts to remove the ransomware yourself by running an antivirus program as this may also cause further damage to your files.

At this point, you should call in our Ransomware expert to access the situation and provide you with the best way forward.

Ransomware Prevention & Security Audit


Fast Data Recovery offers a comprehensive Ransomware Prevention and Protection service against Ransomware attacks.

If the worst happens and you become infected with MAKOP RANSOMWARE or similar crypto-malware, we advise that you disconnect the infected system from the network (we do not advice to shut down your system as this may corrupt your data or system files further and prevent a quick repair).

DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE RANSOMWARE. By running Antivirus or Malware removal software you may cause further damage and make the encryption irreversible.

Ransomware removal and the recovery of your valuable data should always be left to an experienced ransomware recovery expert.

Fast Data Recovery has the knowledge, resources and expertise to recover your data and completely remove all known forms of ransomware and malware. In most cases, we manage to recover 100% of our customer’s encrypted data.

Our data recovery process is quick, simple and entirely focused on restoring your valuable data and getting your business back on track as quickly as possible.

Fast Data Recovery offers a comprehensive Ransomware Prevention and Security Audit to secure your network from further attacks

  • Find the source of attack to better protect your network
  • Find & Destroy the ransomware on your server
  • Find and destroy ransomware time-bomb, backdoor, key-logger trojans implemented by the perpetrators
  • Full protection against all current know types of ransomware attacks.
  • Protect your server from other common attacks used by hackers
  • Check Registry for changes made by hackers
  • Deep level scan from common hackers practices.
  • Complete network and security audit to minimise risk – A full list of any recommendation will be sent in a detailed report to further prevent future attacks from other computers/devices on your network
  • Best practices and solutions for protecting businesses from ransomware downtime
  • Check your current backups and advise on best backup practices
  • Check if your antivirus has adequate ransomware protection. Most antivirus’ fall short in protecting against Ransomware.
  • Group Policy and Passwords audit and recommendations
  • General IT recommendations if we feel it will improve your overall system/processes.
  • (Optional but highly recommended) Full scan and prevention on your computers/laptops

It is no longer a matter of if, but rather when your organisation will become the target of a data breach. As the threat landscape continues to expand, more doors have opened for threat actors to explore and attack putting businesses at risk of unauthorised access and loss of critical data.

The Ransomware Recovery Experts


Some of the Ransomware infections we can recover

  • Nemesis
  • Dharma
  • MR DEC
  • Globelmposter
  • Revil
  • Cryptolocker / Crypt0L0cker
  • No_More_Ransom
  • MedusaLocker
  • RYUK / RYK
  • Matrix
  • REvil/Sodinokibi
  • Zeppelin
  • Rapid
  • Makop
  • Lockbit
  • Maze
  • Snatch
  • Google
  • Emergency Ransomware Recovery
  • +++more

Why Choose Fast Data Recovery!


    • 100% Guaranteed Recovery from most types of ransomware
    • Technicians are available 24/7 to start your recovery immediately
    • Priority Data Recovery Service (24-48 hours recovery time in 90% of cases)
    • Australian based with 24/7 Worldwide support
    • Free Evaluation or Priority Evaluation for more urgent cases (1-4 hour response) or (4-24 hours for more complex cases)
    • No Obligation Fixed Quotes
    • No Data No Charge
    • All recoveries are done remotely (no need to send us your data!)
    • Ransomware Specialists
    • Advanced Ransomware Prevention and Security Audit to eliminate the risk of ransomware
    • Established company with over 10 years of data recovery experience
    • 1000+s of happy clients
    • All International clients are welcome
Fast Data Recovery

Shortly About Us


Fast Data Recovery are the market leaders in Australia with a growing list of international clients.

We have a dedicated team working around the clock, providing 24/7 support in decrypting, analyzing and preventing ransomware attacks with guaranteed results.

Whether you’re an individual or business who needs data recovered from a recent locky, dharma, MAKOP, revil, Sodinokibi, stop/djvu, globalimposter, mrdec and the like, Fast Data Recovery has the resources, knowledge and expereince for risk-free guranteed ransomware recovery, ransomware removal and ransomware prevention.

Our support team are avaliable 24/7 to answer all your inquires and assist in the recovery of your encrypted data from ransowmare.

You can reach us through online chat or contact us to assist and recover your files.

Fast Data Recovery

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The Ransomware Recovery Experts



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