The best solution to Recover MDF SQL files after a Ransomware Attack.

95% of all MDF Ransomware infected  files can be recovered based on thousands of previous successful cases.

Facing ransomware that has affected your SQL .MDF files? Don’t panic! We specialize in the recovery of encrypted MDF, LDF, and NDF files, with a success rate of over 95%.

Your valuable SQL data is in capable hands.

Caution: Be vigilant! Any software claiming to decrypt ransomware-infected files is merely a sales gimmick. The reality is that decryption is typically not possible. However, we offer a solution that significantly increases the likelihood of recovering MDF files affected by ransomware.

What Is a Ransomware Attack?

A ransomware attack involves the use of malware to encrypt systems and data, rendering them inaccessible. Attackers then demand a ransom for the decryption key, enabling the victim to regain access to their data. Payments are often requested in cryptocurrency for its anonymity and reduced traceability. Ransom amounts can vary, ranging from minor sums to significant financial demands.

Methods To Recover Ransomware Encrypted Files

Caution: Resist the temptation to pay a ransom, as doing so could expose you to scams or legal liabilities, depending on the laws in your country.

Fast Data Recovery’s Comprehensive Ransomware Solutions:

1. Full File Recovery

Our engineers employ the Full File Recovery option by reverse engineering a sample file to extract the decryption code.

  • Utilizing proprietary software and the decryption key, we reverse all files infected on your server.
  • Average recovery time is 24-48 hours, directly restoring your data on your system.
  • We boast a 95% success rate across various ransomware types, and our No Data No Charge policy ensures peace of mind.

Please submit a ticket and a ransomware expert will contact you immediate to offer assistance.

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2. File Recovery Service

When full recovery isn’t feasible or cost-effective, we offer a service to repair specific file types at a lower cost.

  • Unlike Full Data Recovery, where we reverse engineer the decryption key, we repair files by removing the hacker-placed code.
  • This technical process leverages our experience in dealing with ransomware, enabling us to identify and remove the encryption key, allowing access to the file content.
  • This method is effective for various ransomware families, with a 95+% success rate in recovering specific file formats such as MDF, LDF, VHDX, VMDK.

The attainability of this process is rooted in the fact that a significant portion of ransomware encryption software, employed by hackers, typically encrypts only the header of the file. The vital data within the MDF, LDF, VHDX, VMDK, BAK, ZIP file remains untouched and intact.

Our experienced engineers rely on years of expertise in dealing with ransomware. They employ advanced techniques to scrutinize specific patterns and conduct in-depth analysis, allowing them to identify and eliminate the code (encryption key). This intricate process ensures that you can regain access to the content of the file securely and effectively.

We have a 95+% success in recovering specific files formats and our services are guaranteed for your peace of mind.

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3. Professional Ransomware Negotiation

If all options fail we can offer a professional ransomware negotiation with the threat actors on your behalf.

We will use negotiating techniques with two focus in mind,

1. Reduce the ransom amount as low as possible.

2. Get your business operational as fast as possible

We strongly recommend against dealing with the hackers/threat actors but in this situation where recovery is not possible and as an absolute last resort please let our professional service take care of the process and we highly advice against in engaging in any sort of communication as it can comprise our negotiation and impact the ransomware amount you may need to pay.

Please call us or submit a ticket online to start the process

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  • Repairing a database after a ransomware attack is challenging, but our proven methods can restore crucial data.
  • On average, it takes 1-2 days to recover MDF, LDF, VHDX, VMDK, BAK, ZIP (to mention few).

Please call us or submit a ticket online to start the process

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Fastest and most affordable solution to recover MDF ransomware  infected files.
All our recoveries are guaranteed, or your money back!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Discover why Fast Data Recovery is your ultimate partner when it comes to combating ransomware and safeguarding your critical data:

    1. 100% Guaranteed Recovery: We stand by our promise of recovering your data from most ransomware types, providing you with peace of mind.

    2. Round-the-Clock Technicians: Our dedicated team is available 24/7, ready to initiate your recovery promptly, minimizing downtime.

    3. Priority Data Recovery: In 90% of cases, we achieve a swift 48-hour recovery turnaround, ensuring you get back to business faster.

    4. Australian-Based with Global Support: Our roots in Australia are fortified by 24/7 worldwide support, extending our reach to assist clients wherever they may be.

    5. Free or Priority Evaluation: Choose between a free evaluation or a prioritized 4-24 hours evaluation for urgent cases, with most evaluations completed within 4-8 hours.

    6. No Obligation Fixed Quotes: Transparency is our hallmark; you receive fixed quotes with no obligation.

    7. No Data, No Charge: Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our “No Data, No Charge” policy, assuring you of results.

    8. Remote Recovery: Say goodbye to the hassles of sending us your data; all recoveries are performed remotely for your convenience.

    9. Ransomware Specialists: Our expertise extends beyond recovery; we provide advanced ransomware prevention and security services to eliminate future risks.

    10. Established Expertise: With over a decade of data recovery experience, you’re in the hands of seasoned professionals.

    11. Thousands of Happy Clients: Join our extensive list of satisfied clients who have experienced our exceptional services.

    12. International Clients Welcome: We extend our services globally, ensuring that clients worldwide benefit from our expertise.

    Fast Data Recovery is more than just a solution; we’re your reliable partner in the fight against ransomware. Contact us today to experience the difference.


    Fast Data Recovery supports clients worldwide.

    We are available 24/7 for all your enquiries.

    You can contact us via email, our online chat, or if you prefer to talk to a ransomware recovery engineer, feel free to call us on one of the numbers below:

    1300 500 400 (Australia)
    1-888-278-8482 (US/Canada Toll Free)
    +44-1273257254 (UK – Brighton Toll Free)
    +612 8259 0334 (All other countries)


    Fast Data Recovery stands as the leading provider of ransomware recovery and cybersecurity services, offering continuous global support 24/7.

    Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, our team of 12 engineers operates across Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines, providing worldwide assistance through our dedicated 24/7 ransomware recovery team.

    With ample resources, expertise, and experience, our company specializes in ransomware data recovery, removal, and proactive prevention and security measures.

    Recognizing the paramount importance of data, we exert maximum effort to swiftly recover your business data.

    The majority of our recovery processes are concluded within 24-48 hours.

    For detailed insights into our procedures, please refer to the “How it works?” section, which outlines the analysis of your specific ransomware variant, facilitating an accurate quote for data recovery.

    We boast a commendable success rate in recovering data from various ransomware attacks, including but not limited to Dharma, PHOBOS, Zepplin, Matrix, Globimposter, Medusalocker, Stop/DJVU, Mallox, Hive, LV, Makop, Snatch, Lockbit, Netwalker, QNAP, etc. Our commitment is underscored by a no data = no charge policy, providing peace of mind to our clients.

    In critical situations, opt for the Priority Evaluation option, ensuring a prompt 4-24 hour response time, with an average response expected within 4-8 hours.

    MDF File Recovery Procedures

    Fast Data Recovery has helped thousands of customer from extracting data from MDF, LDF, NDF, VMDK, VHDX, BAK & ZIP (to mention few).

    We understand the value of data and work extremely hard to recover your business data as fast as possible.

    Most recoveries are completed in 24-48 hours.

    How can you Recover MDF ransomware infected file?

    To understand how to recover MDF ransomware-infected files, it’s crucial to grasp the process that occurs when a file is compromised by ransomware.

    When a file is infected with ransomware, the attacker typically utilizes decryption software and embeds a decryption key into the header of each file. The file itself remains intact, and if the decryption key placed by the hacker is successfully removed, the data can be extracted from the file.

    At Fast Data Recovery, our expertise lies in accessing the infected file and providing guidance on the likelihood of successful recovery, with a success rate typically exceeding 95%. We specialize in identifying and removing the decryption key, enabling the extraction of valuable data from the affected files.

    Our experienced team employs advanced techniques to analyse and neutralize the impact of the ransomware, ensuring a comprehensive recovery process. If you’ve fallen victim to the MDF ransomware, reaching out to Fast Data Recovery can significantly increase the chances of restoring your valuable data.

    Types of Files we can Repair

    Some of the files formats we can recover from are;
    .VHD / .VHDX -> MS Hyper-V virtual machine
    .VMDK / .AVMDK -> VMware virtual machine
    .MDF / .LDF -> MS SQL server database
    .NDF -> MS SQL server datafiles
    .FDB -> Firebird database
    .PST -> Outlook files
    .EDB -> MS Exchange server email database
    .DBF -> dBase database (old MS-DOS databases)
    .ZIP -> compressed files
    .QBW > QuickBooks files
    .MYO > Myob files

    How Does it work?

    • A senior technician will schedule a call and offer the best course of action depending on your situation.
    • We will perform a FREE assessment on the files you wish to recover to confirm the chances of recovery and cost associated. 95% of files can be recovered.
    • After assessment and confirmation the file(s) in questions can be repaired, a quote will be provided for your consideration. The cost depends on the type & size of the file.
    • If you accept our a quote and wish to proceed forward, a deposit will apply to commence repairing your file (refundable if we are not successful).
    • Once the file has been repaired, we invite you to log onto our system to confirm the integrity of the file/data. This process takes 48 hours approximately from the time we receive your file.
    • If you happy with the integrity of the file, an invoice will be raised and upon settlement of the invoice we will send you a link to the file or you can access it from our FTP site directly from our high bandwidth data centre.

    Note: On a case by case scenario, we may be able to offer to recover the data directly on your system. Please talk to our engineers for the best solution in your case.

    Recommendations: If you choose to upload a file to us, please upload your files to google drive, onedrive, or preferably

    How to Start the Process?

    If you have submitted a ticket, please call us and we will go over the options and explain the process in details.

    If no ticket has been created yet, please click on the link below to start your recovery immediately. It only takes 3 minutes to complete.

    You can request for an engineer to call you and we will go over the recovery process.

    Our team is available 24/7 to assist with your inquires.

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    Professional Ransomware Negotiation Service Procedures

    In the event that conventional recovery options prove unsuccessful, we extend our expertise to offer a professional ransomware negotiation service, liaising with threat actors on your behalf.

    Our negotiation approach centres on two primary objectives:

    1. Ransom Reduction: Strategically negotiate to minimize the ransom amount.
    2. Swift Business Restoration: Focus on expediting the restoration of your business operations.

    While we strongly discourage direct engagement with hackers or threat actors, should recovery become unattainable, our professional service stands as a last resort. It is imperative to refrain from independent communication, as it may compromise our negotiation efforts and affect the ransomware amount payable.

    How does the negotiation service work & the benefit of using our service?

    How Our Negotiation Service Operates & Its Benefits:

    • Ransomware Identification: Identify the ransomware strain, assess risks, and outline viable recovery options.
    • 24/7 Professional & Transparent Response: Our experts ensure constant availability, offering transparent incident response services around the clock.
    • Business Focus: Manage your business affairs while Fast Data Recovery aligns with your timeline for negotiation.
    • Risk Mitigation: Utilize our case data to minimize both ransom amounts and associated risks.
    • Secure Negotiations: Conduct negotiations securely, with transparent communication shared throughout the process.
    • Threat Assessment: Access blogs and resources to evaluate threat actors’ reliability based on past cases, assisting in assessing the ransomware demand before payment.
    • Cryptocurrency Access: Facilitate quick access to cryptocurrency with a 15-minute disbursement service to minimize downtime.
    • Pre & Post Incident Documentation: Provide comprehensive documentation for insurance and compliance purposes.
    • Invoicing for Claims: Generate invoices for our services, aiding in insurance claims or business expense reimbursement.
    • Cost of Service: Initiate the negotiation service at a non-refundable fee of $600 AUD (deductible if the evaluation fee has been paid). If you opt to proceed with recovery, an additional fee of $1500 AUD, plus cryptocurrency/currency conversion charges, will apply.
    • Ransom Reduction: Employ negotiation techniques to achieve an average reduction of 20% to 80% from the original ransom demand.
    • Decryption Software Testing: Verify the effectiveness of decryption software and execute all necessary steps to recover data on your system.
    • Remediation Support: Provide complimentary ransomware remediation advice or opt for complete remediation and protection support.

    Our commitment is to guide you through the intricate process of ransomware negotiation, ensuring minimal impact on your business and data integrity.

    The cost structure for our Ransomware Negotiation Service is as follows:

    1. Negotiation Initiation Fee:
      • A non-refundable fee of $600 AUD is required to commence the negotiation service on your behalf. Please deduct the evaluation fee if it has already been paid.
    2. Recovery Acceptance Fee:
      • Should you decide to accept and proceed with the recovery process, an additional fee of $1500 AUD will apply. This fee also covers any associated cryptocurrency or currency conversion charges.

    These fees are designed to cover the specialized services provided during the negotiation and recovery stages, ensuring a comprehensive and secure approach to handling ransomware incidents. Please note that the negotiation initiation fee is non-refundable. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or if you would like to proceed with our professional ransomware negotiation service.

    Questions to Ask and our expert tips to help secure your system

    In order to protect yourself from the ransomware attack, you will need to answer the following questions.

    We raise important points and a tip to bring an understanding to the tricks and threats imposed by cyber criminals.

    • Q: How did the threat actors penetrate your system?.
      • Ans: Only 5% of ransomware comes from emails and websites.
    • Why did the threat actors will able to penetrate your antivirus, firewall, and infect your backups?.
      • TIP: Hackers never use illegal software which means traditional antivirus, firewalls and network monitoring RMM solutions will not detect the actions of the cyber attacker.
    • How long have they been on your network before they launched their attack?.
      • Tip: Most attackers will infect your system in 2-4 weeks after they have gained access to your network.
    • What did the hackers do to your network?
    • Why did the hackers stayed inside your network for couple of weeks before launching their attack?.
      • Tip: Once they have gained access through a comprised device on your network, hackers implement a MIMT (Man In the Middle Attack) to sniff your network traffic and further gain access to your domain controller.
        Once they reach your domain controller, they will utilise your group policy and place a timebomb, keylogger and backdoor to every device on your network.
        This process will enable the hackers to go through every device and infect the data on devices with valuable data.
    • Have they stolen any data?
      • Tip: Yes in some cases they do, we can assist in finding out if data has been comprised.
    • Are the hackers still on my system?.
      • Tip: Yes in 99% of cases. The hackers place a backdoor which is a genuine remote access software such as team viewer except the software runs hidden and as a service in the background.
        Backdoor will not be found by searching, running an antivirus or malware scanner.
    • Are you safe by just disconnecting/isolating the infected systems from your network?
      • Tip: No, they are most likely still on your network and not limited to the infected device
    • Will removing the ransomware from my system may comprise the recovery of my data?
      • Tip: We do not recommend removing the ransomware as some ransomware families leave important files that can aid us to recover your data easier.

    Understanding the questions and tips provided above are your best chance to protect yourself from a reinfection.

    What to do?

    Please do not panic or try to reinvent the wheel. We have been working on cases like yours for a decade and we will remove the guess work resulting in a safe and secure network.

    Please call us or continue to read further by checking our Ransomware Prevention & Audit and Should I Be Concerned About Ransomware tabs below for more information

    Knowledge is power! – It is essential to understand the facts behind ransomware to better protect yourself

    Ransomware occurs on a system due to weak security of some sort. If you are reading this you are properly a victim!

    Here is some information you need to understand and take seriously.

    We have raised few questions under What Should I do tab above we suggest to check out first.

    How did your system became comprised and infected with ransomware?

    1. Cybercriminals will run a BOT (A bot is a form of an automated scan searching the internet for valurnerable network systems and attempt to comprise its security)
    2. Once your system vulnerability has been identified, Hackers will buy the comprised list through underground websites (aka as Dark Web)
    3. The ransomware hackers will use the details to comprise and infect your system with ransomware
    4. Most often the BOT list is sold to multiple hackers

    Have you removed the infected system from your network?

    1. This is a common mistake!! – isolating the infected system from your network is 50% of the solution.
    2. Hackers use group policy to distribute ransomware across your network and it remains undetected by most antivirus/malware software.
    3. Ransomware time-bomb, backdoor and keyloogers often implemented on your network to allow hackers to gain access to your network especially if you pay the ransom.

    Please be warned, once you have been infected, its emanate that you are very likely to get another attack.

    We recommend a full security check on your network to identify the penetration point(s) and make sure adequate security is implemented prior to your data recovery

    We offer ransomware prevention and ransomware recovery services parallel to ensure your files are recovered on ransomware risk free system without delaying the recovery of your files (our recovery and prevention team work parallel to ensure the prevention and recovery are done simultaneously)

    Ask us about our Ransomware Prevention and Security Audit

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    We do not recommend paying hackers. It’s a small chance of getting your files back.

    Hackers in some instances may release personal information about your company to the public if you contact them and do not meet their ransom demands. Its strongly recommended not to communicate with them. (using an alternate email does not keep your identity safe as each infection has a unique code to identify you)

    Scenarios from customer’s feedback who paid the ransom without engaging a ransomware recovery company to recover without paying the ransom or at least negotiate in case we are unable to recover in a timely manner.
    1. The hackers may ask you for extra money after you make the first payment (The trend)
    2. The hacker’s email usually gets closed down by the email provider (Once the email is reported to the domain webmaster their email will be shut down. Usually thousands of victims are infected at the same time so the likely-hood of this happening is very high)
    3. They send you a sample file, take your money and simply stop responding
    4. They may recover all/some of your files

    In the event where we are unable to recover from your type of ransomware or able to recover in a timely manner, we can use our resources and experience to obtain the decryption at still offer a No Data No Charge for peace of mind

    For a risk-free recovery, Submit an online case or talk to our ransomware specialist to assist with your Ransomware recovery

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    Once you realize your system has been infected by a Ransomware, remove your infected system from the network (do not shut down as you can cause further damage). Do not make any attempts to remove the ransomware yourself by running an antivirus program as this may also cause further damage to your files.

    At this point, you should call in our Ransomware expert to access the situation and provide you with the best way forward.

    At Fast Data Recovery, we serve the needs of both individuals and businesses who wish to have their data recovered after a ransomware attack. We are equipped with the reoucres, experience and knowlodge to perform complete ransomware data recovery.

    We also provide ransomware removal and ransomware prevention measures to protect you from future attacks.


    In order to protect yourself from the Ransomware, it is important that you use good computing habits and security software. First and foremost, you should always have a reliable and tested backup of your data that can be restored in the case of an emergency, such as a ransomware attack.

    You should also have security software (please talk to us about our recommendations) as most antivirus do not provide complete protection

    Last, but not least, make sure you practice the following good online security habits, which in many cases are the most important steps of all:

    • Backup, Backup, Backup!
    • Do not open attachments if you do not know who sent them.
    • Restrict RDP access
    • Make sure all Windows updates are installed as soon as they come out! Also make sure you update all programs.
    • Update older programs contain security vulnerabilities that are commonly exploited by malware distributors. Therefore it is important to keep them updated.
    • Make sure you have a recommended security software installed.
    • Setup a password lockout
    • Use complex passwords and never reuse the same password at multiple sites. SUBMIT AN ONLINE CASE OR TALK TO OUR RANSOMWARE SPECIALIST TO ASSIST WITH
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    Ransomware Prevention & Security Audit Services

    Fast Data Recovery is your trusted ally, providing a comprehensive suite of Ransomware Prevention and Protection services to fortify your organization against the persistent menace of ransomware attacks.

    In the unfortunate event of a ransomware intrusion, we strongly recommend disconnecting the infected system from your network. We discourage shutting down the system, as this could exacerbate data corruption and impede swift recovery.

    Attempting to remove the ransomware independently is unwise. Utilizing antivirus or malware removal software can lead to further harm, rendering the encryption irreversible. Ransomware eradication and data recovery are tasks best entrusted to seasoned ransomware recovery specialists.

    Fast Data Recovery boasts the essential knowledge, resources, and expertise to not only recover your data but also comprehensively eliminate all known ransomware and malware variants. In the majority of cases, we achieve a 100% recovery rate for our clients’ encrypted data.

    Our data recovery process is streamlined, user-friendly, and designed to promptly restore your critical data, ensuring your business can swiftly resume normal operations.

    Fast Data Recovery extends a comprehensive Ransomware Prevention and Security Audit service to fortify your network against future attacks:

    1. Identify the source of the attack to enhance network security.
    2. Detect and eradicate ransomware on your server.
    3. Eliminate ransomware time-bombs, backdoors, and key-logger trojans planted by malicious actors.
    4. Provide complete protection against all current known ransomware types.
    5. Safeguard your server from common hacker exploits.
    6. Scrutinize the registry for any alterations made by hackers.
    7. Conduct an in-depth analysis to identify prevalent hacker practices.
    8. Perform a thorough network and security audit to mitigate risks, accompanied by a detailed report outlining recommendations for enhanced protection against future threats from other devices on your network.
    9. Offer best practices and solutions to shield your business from ransomware-related downtime.
    10. Assess your current backups and offer advice on optimal backup practices.
    11. Verify the adequacy of your antivirus software in protecting against ransomware. Many antivirus solutions fall short in this regard.
    12. Conduct a Group Policy and Password audit, with associated recommendations.
    13. Provide general IT recommendations if we identify opportunities for improving your overall system and processes.
    14. Optionally, but highly recommended, perform a comprehensive scan and implement preventive measures on your computers and laptops.

    In today’s digital landscape, the question is no longer if but when your organization will face the risk of a data breach. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, it exposes more vulnerabilities for threat actors to exploit, putting businesses at risk of unauthorized access and critical data loss.

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    “Fast Data Recovery is very professional in handling our matter. The team responds very quickly and patiently explains what we need to do to resolve the issues. Not only that, they are able to solve our issues where no other company can. I highly recommend their services.”



    View our Client's Written Testimonial

    From the first phone call from the customer and my arrival on site, I knew that the Crypto virus had caused carnage beyond repair. We were talking months of data and backup infected. I did some research on paying the ransom and decided instead to make contact with FDR. I paid the initial consult and got a quote on restoration.. I must say that although the price was more than I anticipated, the speed of delivery, the promise, and the work ethic are second to none. They recovered 100% of the data within the time frame meaning my customer to get back to business.

    Glue IT

    Penrith NSW

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    A few partial successes later, the big breakthrough happened on Wednesday evening and all the files started to decrypt. 1.2 million files and 24 hours later, I am utterly speechless and have nothing but love and gratitude for the team who worked around the clock to help me get back irreplaceable. The appreciation and sense of how I feel really cannot be put into words. Your heart sinks, everything turns dark, and these guys come to the rescue.


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    View our Client's Written Testimonial

    I am writing this testimonial as to the success of recovery of our data that have been encrypted with ransomware. We had 7 different keys codes that had locked our accounting, production, banking, R&D data, and our past history for the last 15 years. The encryption ransomware had also affected our two external backups and one internal so the process was extremely frustrating.


    Automotive spare parts – QLD

    View our Client's Written Testimonial

    It is with great enthusiasm that we can strongly recommend FAST Data Recovery for their utmost expertise, proficiency and professionalism. They are absolute experts in their field. We could only wish for a similar company in South-Africa! We are highly appreciative of what they have done for Sautech, and salute them for their services!


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