How Does It Work?

The advantages of our Ransomware Recovery?

At Fast Data Recovery, we pride ourself in our knowledge and experience in the Ransomware Recovery and Ransomware Prevention services from Cyberattacks (aka Ransomware)

Fast Data Recovery is the largest ransomware recovery company based in Sydney, Australia. We support clients nationally and internationally with a 24/7 ransomware recovery team.

Our company has the resources, knowledge, and experience for complete ransomware data recoveryransomware removal, and further ransomware prevention.

We understand the value of data and work extremely hard to recover your business data as fast as possible.

Most recoveries are completed in 24-48 hours.

Our team can be contacted by Phone, Email, Online Chat 24×7 for your convenience.

We have a 98% success rate on recovering data from all ransomware attacks and we operate on a no data = no charge policy for peace of mind.

All recoveries are done directly on your system. No Data will be taken offsite.

To obtain an evaluation for your recovery, please follow the steps below.

Please read the guide below to explain the process of recovery and feel free to contact us by Phone, Email or WebChat 24×7 for your convenience.

Step 1: Create a new Case

To obtain an evaluation for your recovery, please follow the steps below.

The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the complexity of infection and cost associated with the recovery. Every infection is unique and we can only determine the cost of recovery after we analyse your sample files

Click below to create a new case in order to get a quote.

For urgent ransomware recovery please select our Priority Evaluation (4-24 hours response) or Dharma Priority Evaluation (1-4 hours response) for expedited service

Alternatively, select FREE Evaluation for a standard turnaround at no cost (4-10 days).


  • We recover from all types of Ransomware including PHOBOS Ransomware and it’s variants.
  • All our recoveries are guaranteed. No data = No charge
  • We will use all available resources to ensure your data is recovered in a timely manner.
  • The cost of the evaluation will be deducted from your quote.

Step 2: Evaluation

When submitting your evaluation, you will be required to attach a sample of the encrypted files. We will use this to identify the encryption key and the ID needed to recover the rest of your files.

Depending on the evaluation you have selected, we will commence analysing your files to determine the cost associated with recovery.

If you elected for Priority Evaluation or Dharma Priority Evaluation*, you will receive an automated invoice from our accounts department. Upon receipt of payment, we will commence the evaluation and a dedicated technician will be assigned to your case.

* Please note that the cost of the evaluation will be deducted from your quote.
* Dharma Priority Evaluation is restricted to Dharma infections only. If not sure, please select the Priority Evaluation option
* We only provide a quote, if you need a sample file and if it’s possible a fee may apply.  We may not be able to produce a sample file for some variants unless a full recovery is performed.

If you elected for FREE Evaluation, you will receive your quote within 4-10 days.

Step 3: Quote

Upon completion of the evaluation, a quote will be sent to you with the associated cost to recover your data.

* 80% of jobs cost between $750 – $6000 AUD.

* Actual cost can only be determined after we analyse your files.

* More than 90% of jobs are recovered within 24-48 hours. More complex cases may take longer (1-5 Days).

* All jobs are started immediately after you accept the quote.

* A quote will be provided based on one ID. You must notify us IMMEDIATELY if you have additional IDs on your files. Please contact us if you are unsure about this.

* You are protected with our No Data = No Charge policy.

* All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Step 4: Acceptance of the Quote

After acceptance of the offer, we will send you an invoice, which you can pay via Bank/Wire Transfer, PayPal, and/or credit card.

For your convenience, we have local bank accounts in Australia, New Zeland, United States, Europe

For a complete list of our payments options, please click here

We will start the ransomware recovery process immediately after payment.

Step 4: Initial Recovery Process

We will work on the original sample files submitted as part of the ticket

To decrypt your data, we use different methods, such as reverse-engineering the ransomware, restoring from system backups, and best-known decryption methods.

If this approach doesn’t work, we also consider the negotiation and payment of the ransom to get your business back up as fast as possible. Even though we advise you not to pay the ransom, there is sometimes no other way to restore the business operation. We take the FULL RISK for you as you’re still be covered by our “No Data, No Charge” guarantee.

Once the key has been identified, we will contact you or update the ticket to start the recovery on your infected system or on a separate computer.

We highly recommend you take a backup of your infected files to an external drive and have it removed from your network

We require remote access via team viewer ( or screen connect (

Further instructions will be sent by email including a Pre-Recovery checklist to ensure a trouble-free recovery

Step 6: Actual Recovery

Upon a successful remote connection, we will run a report to confirm the files we are recovering.

We can connect to the original infected computer or to another computer with your encrypted data,

We start the recovery process and check random files to ensure they are opening successfully and confirm successful recovery.

Your ticket will be updated to advise of the recovery completion

Note1: We highly recommend a complete backup of your files to an external drive (and have it disconnected from the infected system before we commence recovery)

Note2: Please ensure your network has been scanned and cleaned properly before any data recovery. Talk to us for advice

Note2: In some instances, we may require your data to be moved to a separate computer.

If you don’t have an IT technician, please let us know and we are happy to perform the service at an additional cost.

Step 7: Prevention

A basic recommendation will be sent to identify the risk of infection and provide our ransomware solution to protect against ransomware attacks.

In order to permanently improve your IT security and illuminate ransomware attacks, we suggest you engage our Cybersecurity experts for tailored advice and implementations. Our team has dealt with thousands of cases and our knowledge and experience are second to none.

We can assist you to identify, implement and secure your network.

Please update your ticket and one of our ransomware security experts will contact you.


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