Fast Data Recovery offers Business IT Support services through its subsidiary company PC Link

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Many SME’s (small and medium businesses) lack internal networking expertise due to the cost of having a full time IT professional employed. We specialise in providing SME’s with on-demand Business IT support.

Our highly skilled engineers do not only resolve day to day issues but also look at the overall business processes and are able to suggest better practices and infrastructure solutions.

Our Business IT Support Options include:

Phone Support
Need a quick fix? Give us a call and you will be talking to an engineer straight away who can assist with your inquiry

Remote Support
As technology change, so our support do. Now we can also assist you in resolving issues remotely over the Internet within MINUTES
Remote Support is ideal for quick and on the spot fix without having to wait for an engineer onsite.

Onite Support
Help where you need it when you need it, PC Link Professionals is able to come out on site and attend to any IT issue you may have. With our dedication to customer service you can be assured that we will respond quickly.

Prevention Maintenance
Keep your network operating smoothly and trouble-free by having a network prevention maintenance plan carried out by a dedicated engineer.
PC Link Professionals offers prevention maintenance plans that are intended for small to medium businesses who do not have their own IT department

Our Business IT Support services include:

Computer Hardware & Software Support
PC Link Professionals is able to help your business by delivering complete IT support for your desktops, servers, applications and other networking equipment.

Network Support
We can cover all of your network support requirements, end to end. Our network support can be conducted onsite and remotely depending on your network support requirements.

Network Upgrade
After a careful network analysis our experienced team can identify any potential bottlenecks in your network and propose a carefully laid out upgrade.

Network Design & Implementation
With extensive experience in assessing, planning, designing, integrating and maintaining networks, PC Link Professionals can design, deliver, and manage any phase of an end-to-end network implementation

The Ransomware Recovery Experts


Some of the Ransomware infections we can recover

  • Cryptolocker / Crypt0L0cker
  • Cesar
  • Arena
  • Lukitus
  • Aleta
  • Gryphon
  • Nemesis
  • Dharma
  • Australia Post Cryptolocker
  • AGL Cryptolocker
  • FBI Virus
  • CTB Locker
  • Teslacrypt
  • Virus data recovery
  • Malware data recovery
  • BTCWare
  • Purge
  • Cerber
  • Blackout
  • Mircop
  • Locky
  • Lockrypt
  • Master
  • Emergency Ransomware Recovery
  • +++more

Why Choose Fast Data Recovery!

Trust the largest ransomware recovery service in Australia and New Zealand with a growing list of international clients with your data recovery


  • Guaranteed Ransomware Data Recovery Success Rate
  • Free Evaluation or Priority Evaluation for more urgent recoveries (4-24 hour response)
  • No Obligation Quotes
  • No Data = No Charge
  • Priority Data Recovery Service
  • Fast Ransomware data recovery turn around
  • Ransomware Specialist
  • 10+ years of data recovery experience
  • Hundreds of happy clients
  • International clients
Fast Data Recovery

Shortly About Us


Fast Data Recovery is the largest ransomware recovery service in Australia and New Zealand with a growing list of international clients.


We have a dedicated team working around the clock in decrypting, analyzing and preventing ransomware attacks with guaranteed results.


Whether you’re an individual or business who needs data recovered from a recent locky, cryptolocker, Aleta, Gryphon and the like, Fast Data Recovery has the right tools, state of art equipment and best industry knowledge for guaranteed ransomware recovery, ransomware removal and ransomware prevention.

Fast Data Recovery

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