Ransomware Data Protection: Know Why You Should Invest In It

Ransomware Data Protection - Why you should invest in Ransomware

Ransomware Data Protection: Know Why You Should Invest In It

Data protection is an investment that has been gaining increasing prominence within companies, mainly because of the new data protection law that is gradually coming into force after its approval on July 10, 2018.

To ensure the security of existing data under the care of your company and your employees it is critical to understand how data protection can be applied to your business.

With digital innovations on the rise, the volume of information in circulation increases and there is also a major concern: secure data storage.

Ransomware- type of cybercrime and other attacks that result in data leakage are becoming more frequent, no matter how much you invest in data protection.

Therefore, your investment in data protection will allow you to see the present and the future of your business. Backup the cloud is a solution, but you have to go further.

What is the best way to protect data?

The best way to ensure the safety of your business may be by hiring a company that provides data protection services, such as Eco IT or another specialized company.

These companies use specific platforms to perform the protection of your company’s data.

No matter the size of your database, you need professional management to keep all information protected.

Usage audits and alerts for misuse must be constant, but your IT staff will not be able to be successfully developing these activities.


This type of service requires high implementation costs and high manpower, while investing through outside companies tends to have a better cost / benefit ratio for your business.

Importance of Data Protection for Your Business

Before you discover the reasons for investing in data protection, you need to understand more about the importance of the subject for the corporate world in the present and in the very near future.

The information age and digital transformation is a deeply connected business issue and how they will behave going forward.

The use of data is increasingly necessary both to offer a customized and satisfying experience to customers, as well as to position themselves and create market strategies.

That is, information today is the way to grow your business and a valuable asset in your operational routine.

With that in mind, ignoring this natural trend and not investing in this technology and its protection can make your business unfeasible in the marketplace.

Reasons to Invest in Data Protection

If investing in data protection is a way to address the threats that put your business at risk, see what makes the investment profitable.

To help you better understand the importance of your investment, we’ve listed the top reasons you should focus on protecting your business data .


Protecting sensitive information

Your investment in data protection converges in the protection, mainly, of the so-called sensitive data – sensitive or critical information for the operation of the company.

Protection comes from efficient control in a well-managed management of existing technology assets under the care of your company.

The focus of data protection should restrict access to the database by accredited people and be able to combine the practicality of cloud backup with automated monitoring.

When the company does not invest in data protection, it is impossible to predict when your organization’s system, and even your business as a whole, will be threatened.

Preventing data leakage

If your company operates with e-commerce or online customer service, you and your team have an extensive customer base in the organization’s database.

If you do not work to ensure the confidentiality of your information, your sales may decrease because customers want your data to be secure and confidential, which affects the profitability of your business .

By investing in data protection, it is possible to avoid leakage of your customers’ information, creating more credibility in relation to the consumers in your market.

After all, if there is an invasion, hardly a customer will consume again in your business, damaging loyalty and also prospecting new financial acquisitions.

Prevention of data hijacking

Imagine the disorder if your company goes through a data hijack. It will be a huge headache for your business, interfering with your spending and brand image.

Your encrypted files can be copied and then responsible offenders charge very high values to return the data that was in the system.

If the payment is not carried out, and even if it is, you run a great risk of being without the information hijacked, that is, you and your company are at a critical moment and highly harmful.

In addition, the currency used for such cases ( bitcoin ) is very difficult to track, making it difficult to combat data sequestration .

Optimizing Your IT Team

In an information-dominated world, it will be responsible for new business plans, aiming to reach new niches or deliver more quality in delivery.

To take advantage of this situation, you need to have an efficient IT staff prepared to take a strategic role in any planning of your company.

When your business does not invest in information security, it falls upon your IT professionals to manually manage and monitor every detail of data protection.

By investing in data protection through automated platforms, you take this obligation away from your team and encourage you to work with a focus on innovation and business optimization .


Even with large investments in data protection, it is impossible to guarantee a 100% shielded system.

However, your company’s success in dealing with sensitive data lies in its ability to react when an anomaly is identified.

It turns out that in many cases your organization does not know about the attack until a leak occurs or a redemption is requested to retrieve access to that data.

A well-protected system with well-defined monitoring processes ensures immediate alerts when there is an attempted intrusion or unauthorized access to your database.

With this warning, your IT staff can identify the problem and take action to avoid a worse scenario .

And in the case of data protection, having reliability means being prepared to react at any time, especially in a preventative way.

Avoid suspension of activities

Many indirect losses can arise as a result of data compromise, but your day-to-day business activities are your primary focus.

Because productivity in a digital transformation world is directly linked to the access of an integrated system (supported by virtual cloud environment), data leakage or sequestration can mean a long stop.

Especially in cases of ransomware attacks , when you and your company are restricted from accessing your own files, your production is retained until the problem is solved.

Image Preservation

Data protection deals with two extremes:

  • The first extreme refers to your company’s secret numbers, values, and parameters like financial reporting and production secrets;
  • The second extreme deals with confidential customer information : financial data, personal data, passwords, communication, among other information.

The impact of a leak will require your company to invest heavily in marketing and public relations to reverse a negative image. Trying to prevent such a commitment from ending up with your business.

The credibility, both with the quality of its products and services, as well as with the good image of its brand, are premises in the market.

Therefore, maintaining your company image requires investments in data protection to ensure a structured IT team, whether internal or outsourced.

Prevent damage

By developing encrypted codes, hackers copy and divert the data present on your company’s machines to other computers.

That way, they can even transfer cash amounts from your organization’s account to other sites, causing huge losses to your business and your employees.

And do not forget that they can get insider information about investments or decision-making, such as launching a new product.

Having this information in hand, they sell it to a competitor, affecting their production line and the market presence of their brand .

That is, the loss is immeasurable and can lead your corporation into bankruptcy. After all, the cost of emergency repairs is very high and it takes days to get everything in order.

Again, preventive investment in data protection is the best alternative for your business.

Combat of internal threats

The absence of a data protection policy influences internal problems, such as incorrect sending of e-mails, lack of criteria in the use of user passwords, among others.

These are factors that can contribute as much to the loss of existing data under the care of your company as in your relationship with customers.

After all, people are displeased when they receive an unauthorized message, that is, nothing better than to deprive their company of this type of ambiguity internally.

How to Invest in Data Protection

There is no doubt: investing in data protection is necessary and urgent for your company to grow and become a benchmark in the market. But how to do this?

There are two main solutions: IT outsourcing , with partners who have a specialized support and team for security; and the adoption of prepared management systems to deal with the issue.

Here’s how software can solve the data protection issues we face:

  • Integrate your tools and functionality into a single environment;
  • Cloud infrastructure ;
  • Optimization of your security processes;
  • Management of access credentials of its employees;
  • Monitoring usage and security alerts;
  • Reliable real-time collaboration;
  • Automated backups for quick recovery in crises (less downtime );
  • Simplify, structure and organize your database to identify breakthroughs more quickly.

That is, investment in data protection is simple, just choose the best advice and solutions that bring more confidence and efficiency to your company.

This investment is fundamental if you have the pretensions of consolidating your company in the future.

Hesitating to invest in data protection is not a smart way to keep your company shielded from the various cyber crimes that grow daily in the Brazilian business environment.

Now that you know why you should invest in data protection for your business, visit the Fast Data Recovery website and see how we can help you understand more about protecting your business.

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