Mexican state oil company Pemex falls victim to extortion software

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Mexican state oil company Pemex falls victim to extortion software

Pemex, a Mexican state oil company, was attacked using ransomware. The ransomware attack affected the company’s computer systems and suspended administrative work, enterprise employees said in an interview with Reuters.

As it became known, the campaign used Ryuk extortion software, which usually attacks companies with annual revenues ranging from $ 500 million to $ 1 billion. Attacks using this malware were first recorded in August 2018. Then, during one of the attacks, the Ryuk malware operators managed to earn about $ 640,000 in bitcoins.

According to representatives of Pemex, attempts to carry out cyber attacks were “neutralized” in a timely manner and affected less than 5% of computers. Reportedly, the malware did not violate the oil production processes.

As a result of the cyber attack, employees were forced to disconnect from the network and use backup copies of critical data. According to employees, on Monday the work was suspended because the staff could not access a number of computer systems, including payment processing systems.

Source: https://www.securitylab.ru/news/502468.php

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